What Fish Can Eat Brine Shrimp?

Can my fish eat brine shrimp? This is a logical question to ask if you have never had brine shrimp for your aquarium. Both freshwater and marine fish enjoy live food and live food can add interest and activity to your aquarium by promoting a more natural hunting response from your aquatic friends. Brine shrimp are quite small, so it stands to reason that you should only feed them to small fish? This is not entierly true, however larger species of chilclids and marines will probably not take brine shrimp individually. In these cases you could grow them, harvest then dry the brine shrimp - creating your own, 100% natural flake style food. This may sound excessive for fish but if you were after completely natural, controlled food it is one option. You could feed your brine shrimp spirulina to fatten them and add additional nutrients to your food.

Artemia are ideal to feed to small fish and fry, and also for marine tanks. Because brine shrimp prefer water with high salinity, a marine aquarium is pefect. In a marine aquarium brine shrimp can live for long periods of time compared to a fresh water tank. This allows fish time to hunt and eat them all.

Brine shrimp hatching stations are an easy way to setup a production line style for live food creation. With a 3-4 bottle station aquariasts can feed their fish fresh brine shrimp every 2-3 days. When one hatcher bottle is empty simply top it up and move to the next one.

Hatching equipment and brine shrimp eggs are available at aquabuy.com

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